You can specify different navigation aids to appear with the content.

Moodle navigation bar
The standard Moodle navigation bar will be inserted in the web page above the main content.

Moodle navigation frame
The browser window will be split horizontally into two frames, with the standard Moodle navigation bar in the upper frame and the main content in the lower frame.

Embedded IFRAME
The standard Moodle navigation bar will be displayed at the top of the browser window, and below that the main content will be embedded in an IFRAME.

Original navigation aids
The content will be displayed with the navigation menus and buttons, if any, defined in the source file.

The quiz will be displayed without any navigation aids. i.e. neither a Moodle navigation bar nor any navigation aids defined in the source file.

Additionally, if the Show a "Give Up" button box is checked, a single button will be inserted just above the main content. Clicking this button will return the quiz results to Moodle and set the quiz attempt status to "Abandoned"

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