The assessment settings for QuizPort units and quizzes define the following:

  • how the quiz attempts are combined to form a single quiz score
  • the contribution of the quiz score toward the grade for a single unit attempt
  • how the unit attempt grades are combined to get a single unit grade

Quiz attempt scores
The quiz attempt scores are normalized using the following calculation:

(attempt score - minimum score)
maximum score
  X   score limit

Quiz score
Depending on the quiz's scoring method setting, the score for the quiz is set to the first, last, highest or average of the normalized quiz attempt scores.

The quiz scores are then weighted using the following calculation:

quiz score
  X   score weighting

Unit attempt grade
The unit attempt grade is set to the total, highest or last of the weighted quiz scores, depending on the unit's attempt grade method setting.

Unit grade
The grade for the unit is set to the first, last, highest or average unit attempt grade, depending on the unit's grade method setting.

Finally, the grade is weighted according to the following calculation:

unit grade
  X   grade weighting

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